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Below I offer my suggestions for librarians looking to stay current in the field of scholarly communication (“scholcomm”). This list is primary aimed at people new to the field, but I hope it will also be useful to those who have been around for a while and may discover a mailing list, conference, or other resource they were unaware of. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

The major organizations


Email lists


  • info-structure – A monthly newsletter “of ideas, inspirations, and interests across open, public, and collaborative research”
  • The Scholarly Kitchen — A multi-author blog on issues related to scholarly publishing, hosted by the Society for Scholarly Publishing. A number of authors are seen as leaning towards the views of commercial publishing, though there is always vigorous discussion in comments.
  • Open and Shut – This blog, hosted by Richard Poynder, an independent journalist focusing on open access, includes a series called “the OA interviews” in which he interviews leading figures with something to say about open access.
  • Impact of Social Sciences – a number of posts relate to scholarly communication and are applicable to other fields
  • Delta Think, a consulting firm specializing in scholarly publishing, puts out a monthly newsletter called “News & Views” with their latest analysis of open access publishing. You can sign up online.

Recurring conferences, symposia, and other meetings

Also see the DLF-sponsored events calendar, the events section of the Open Access Directory, the Open Access Community Events listing from OASPA, and the monthly NISO Newsline for listings of events.



See also Publishing options for research in Scholarly Communication.

A bit farther afield thematically

Email lists

  • The LIBLICENSE project has a list called LIBLICENSE-L that, while originally focused on licensing of access to content, now addresses “the creation, publication, distribution, and economics of scholarly electronic information.”

Recurring conferences

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