staying current in scholcomm

Below I offer my suggestions for librarians looking to stay current in the field of scholarly communication (“scholcomm”). This list is primary aimed at people new to the field, but I hope it will also be useful to those who have been around for a while and may discover a mailing list, conference, or other resource they were unaware of. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

The major organizations


Email lists


Recurring conferences, symposia, and other meetings

Also see the DLF-sponsored events calendar, the events section of the Open Access Directory, and the Open Access Community Events listing from OASPA.



See also Publishing options for research in Scholarly Communication.

A bit farther afield thematically

Email lists

  • The LIBLICENSE project has a list called LIBLICENSE-L that, while originally focused on licensing of access to content, now addresses “the creation, publication, distribution, and economics of scholarly electronic information.”

Recurring conferences

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